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Prairie North Health Region is lead by a highly focused and effective senior leadership team under the direction of CEO David Fan.

Our mission as an organization is to make sure every dollar spent is maximized to improve the patient experience and provide the best and safest care for our patients, residents, and clients. One of the ways we can do that is by aligning our regional ‘breakthrough initiatives’ – areas where we will make significant improvements in process and performance – with provincial strategic priorities. These priorities, in turn, align with the four planning pillars of Better Health, Better Care, Better Value, and Better Teams that guide the entire provincial healthcare system. To reflect that strategic direction, our organizational structure was reorganized in May 2012.

Over the past two years, Prairie North Regional Health Authority has welcomed three new vice-presidents to the organization, replacing three individuals who retired. The following information reflects the most recent changes, as of January 2015.

Download organizational chart.

Prairie North Senior Leadership Team

David Fan - Update 2013

Chief Executive Officer

David Fan

Vikki Smart - 2013

Better Health
Vice-President, Primary Health Services 

Vikki Smart 

Gloria King - 2013

Better Care
Vice-President, Integrated Health Services

Gloria King


Miller, Derek

Better Value
Vice-President, Finance and Operations

Derek Miller

Irene Denis - 2013

Better Teams
Vice-President, People, Strategy and Performance

Irene Denis

Dr. Almereau Prollius
Better Teams
Vice-President, Practitioner Staff Affairs

Dr. Almereau Prollius

Dr. Wilhelm Retief - 2013

Better Teams
Co-Senior Medical Officers

Dr. Wilhelm Retief

Photo to come Dr. Kevin Govender
Photo to come Dr. Gavin Van de Venter

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