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Status Quo Budget Approved by PNRHA Board

May 24, 2017

In what will be its final budget before Saskatchewan's health system transitions to a single provincial health authority, Prairie North Regional Health Authority (PNRHA) has once again approved a balanced financial plan for the year ahead.

PNRHA Board members today approved a balanced operating budget of $290.5 million for 2017-18. Expenses are budgeted at $289.6 million. Following mortgage principal payments of $856,000, Prairie North is expecting to end the fiscal year with a small surplus of nearly $10,500.

“Our 2017-18 operating budget is basically status quo from the year before,” said Bonnie O'Grady, PNRHA Board chairperson. “Under the current highly challenging fiscal environment, we have introduced no new programs and added no new staff for the year ahead. On the other hand, we have not reduced nor eliminated programs and positions, other than those affected by the 2017-18 provincial budget,” O'Grady stated. For Prairie North Health Region, those are elimination of the Parent Mentoring Program and the podiatry program.

“To achieve a balanced budget in our final year, we will continue to focus on improving efficiencies throughout Prairie North Health Region (PNHR), while sustaining emphasis on continuous safety and quality improvement to ensure appropriate access to and delivery of patient- and family-centred care,” she said.

CEO David Fan is proud of PNRHA's financial record over the past 15 years. “Since Prairie North's first full year budget in 2003-04, all but three of the 14 financial plans projected and achieved surpluses on operations,” Fan stated. He credited the hard work of management and staff in putting forward and reaching the financial targets.

“While it was sometimes very difficult to stay within those limits, all managers and staff contributed greatly to PNHR's strong financial position. Over the years, we have made significant strides in reducing overtime and sick time costs. We've improved efficiency and lessened waste. We have enhanced financial reporting and expenditure management. Most recently, we have improved the timeliness of financial reports so that managers have real time data with which to monitor their budgets and maintain controls. This all serves to hold Prairie North in good stead as we move forward into the new Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA),” Fan said.

PNRHA Board members also approved capital budgets totaling $7.9 million for 2017-18: $4.6 million is to be spent on new or replacement equipment, and $3.3 million is planned for facility renovations and upgrades.

Equipment highlights include:

  • Purchase and installation of new computed tomography (CT) scanners for Battlefords Union and Lloydminster Hospitals
  • Replacement of cataract surgical equipment at Battlefords Union Hospital (BUH) and ophthalmic surgical equipment at Lloydminster Hospital (LH)
  • Replacement of surgical lights in two operating theatres at BUH
  • Purchase of a new surgical table for Meadow Lake Hospital
  • Replacement of a patient ventilator for LH
  • Purchase of a new medication verification system for BUH Pharmacy
  • Purchase of a new ambulance for Maidstone Ambulance Service
  • Purchase and installation of ceiling tracking for Battlefords District Care Centre, Cut Knife Health Complex, Loon Lake Health Centre and Special Care Home, and Riverside Health Complex in Turtleford
  • Purchase tubs and/or chair lifts for Jubilee Home, Lloydminster; River Heights Lodge, North Battleford; Loon Lake Health Centre and Special Care Home; Northland Pioneers Lodge, Meadow Lake; and Dr. Cooke Extended Care Centre, Lloydminster

Capital Management Plan highlights include:

  • Fire panel upgrades at BUH; Lady Minto Health Care Center in Edam; Meadow Lake Hospital; River Heights Lodge, North Battleford; and Riverside Health Complex, Turtleford
  • Renewal of secondary water main and sanitary sewer line at BUH
  • Replacement of a chiller at Jubilee Home, Lloydminster
  • Replacement of a rooftop heating unit at Loon Lake Health Complex
  • Replacement of emergency generators at St. Walburg Health Complex, Jubilee Home, and Lloydminster Hospital
  • Replacement of fire sprinkler systems at Maidstone Health Complex; Northland Pioneers Lodge, Meadow Lake; and Riverside Health Complex, Turtleford
  • Replacement of the kitchen heating and air conditioning unit, and the main water line at River Heights Lodge;
  • Roof/shingle replacement at the Meadow Lake Primary Health Clinic, Paradise Hill Health Centre, and Riverside Health Complex in Turtleford
  • Development of a helipad landing site at Riverside Health Complex, Turtleford for STARS air ambulance

Capital equipment purchases are supported through PNHR capital reserves, funding from the governments of Saskatchewan and Alberta, and public support through health Foundations, Community Trust funds, estates, and donations.

Capital infrastructure projects are funded primarily through PNHR reserves and government contributions.

PNRHA 2017-18 Budget Highlights
PNRHA Budget News Release 2017-18

For more information or to arrange interviews, contact:
Linda Lewis, PNHR Communications Officer 306-446-6625


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