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Frequently Asked Questions

New Saskatchewan Hospital North Battleford Project
July 10, 2015


1. What will be the name of the new facility?
    Saskatchewan Hospital North Battleford

2. What will the facility look like/what will be the final design?
A sketch (rendering) of the new facility will be available once the contract with the group (consortium) building the new facility has been finalized (financial close).

3. Who is building the new facility?
Access Prairies Partnership (APP) has been selected to build the facility after successfully completing a transparent and competitive process.

4. Does the Access Prairies Partnership team have any experience building healthcare facilities similar to this?
Yes. The consortium has a wealth of experience relevant to this project, including a wide range of healthcare projects across Canada and abroad, including mental health facilities, as well as facilities with secure custody components. Graham Design Builders is currently completing the new regional hospital in Moose Jaw.

5. What companies are on the Access Prairies Partnership team?
Several companies form this consortium. They are:

  • Graham Design Builders LP
  • Carillion Canada Inc.
  • Gracorp Capital Advisors LP
  • Carillion Private Finance Ltd.
  • Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Ltd.
  • WSP Canada

Project Cost:

6. What will the facility cost?
The cost and details of the project will be released after the contract with Access Prairies Partnership is finalized. The project is very large and its cost will reflect its size.


7. When does construction begin?
Construction is scheduled to begin in summer 2015.

8. There has already been construction on site. What is the difference?
Pre-construction work was needed before construction by the consortium responsible for building the new facility could take place. Pre-construction activities included bringing utilities to the site. These included: two power lines, a new gas line, two telecom lines, a water line, a sewer line and relocation of a telecom line.

     The activities also included construction of two temporary roads for continued access and safety while the existing road to the facility is unavailable as the new hospital is being constructed. One of the new temporary roads is for accessing the project site, and the other is for accessing the existing facilities.

9. When will construction be complete? 
The facility will be complete by spring 2018.
    Move-in will occur in spring and summer 2018.

Existing Facilities:

10. What is happening with the existing Saskatchewan Hospital facility?
The new integrated facility will be built on the existing hospital grounds near the current hospital building, minimizing disruption to patients during construction. Decommissioning of the existing hospital is not part of this project. A decomissioning plan will be developed after the new facility is complete.

11. What is happening with the SHNB Riverside golf course?
       The footprint of the new integrated facility will encompass most of the existing golf course. The golf course will close in July 2015 and remain closed to accommodate the new facility.

12. What is happening with the chapel?
No final decisions have been made; however, the new project does not involve relocation of the chapel. A space will be allocated for relocation of the chapel if the structure is moved closer to the new facility in the future.

13. What is happening with the correctional facilities?
No decisions have been made on the timing of closures for the North Battleford Youth Centre and Battlefords Community Correctional Centre. These facilities are both connected to the infrastructure of the existing Saskatchewan Hospital and will need to be closed before the new facility is opened.

Ownership and Maintenance:

14. Who will own and operate the new facility?
The new facility will be fully owned and operated by the public sector.

15. How long is the contract period?
The contract will be for 30 years plus construction.

16. Who maintains the facility in a P3 model?
Public employees will continue to be responsible for regular janitorial work. Some maintenance (e.g. building envelope, roof replacement – or “hard maintenance”) will be the responsibility of Access Prairies Partnership.

Economic Benefits:

17. What are the economic benefits of the project?
This project will have significant economic benefits for the province over the life of the project. The project will create more than 1500 jobs in the province.

18. Will there be additional opportunities for Saskatchewan companies?
Yes, the experience with P3s and opportunities for local trades has been very positive in other jurisdictions and based on experience with the Swift Current P3 project. P3s help generate more jobs and opportunity because governments are able to initiate more concurrent projects – including ones that may otherwise have taken years to begin because of their sizable costs.

       More infrastructure projects underway means there are more potential job opportunities for the people of Saskatchewan. These are jobs and opportunities for people across the province.

Public-Private Partnerships (P3):

19. What is a public-private partnership (P3)?
A P3 is a long-term performance-based contract between government and business to deliver priority public infrastructure such as schools, roads, bridges and health care facilities.

20. Why is the government using a P3 to build the facility?
On its own, the Province can't make all the necessary improvements to public infrastructure in a timely and cost effective manner that will provide the best value for taxpayers' dollars. SaskBuilds is pursuing partnerships that deliver major capital projects to meet public needs while transferring risk and saving money over projects delivered traditionally.

       After determining the costs of building the facility through a traditional approach, the government, through SaskBuilds and its expert external financial advisors, determined there are savings for taxpayers gained by using a P3 approach.

21. What are the benefits of a P3?
P3s can reduce the long-term costs and improve the quality of the infrastructure. Looking at other P3 projects in Canada shows the total long-term cost of P3s is less than the total cost of traditional projects. Private sector partners assume the risk of cost overruns – not the taxpayer.

       Where there is value for money, P3s are the right approach for building large and complex infrastructure projects because they have a proven track record of delivering on-time and on-budget as well as delivering greater innovations that emerge through the competitive market process.

22. What is SaskBuilds?
The Government established SaskBuilds in October 2012 to integrate, coordinate, and prioritize the government's infrastructure investments. SaskBuilds provides advice and recommendations for advancing major infrastructure projects through innovative approaches to infrastructure development and alternative financing models such as public-private partnerships.

       SaskBuilds' focus is to manage priority infrastructure demands that are high-cost (typically $100 million or more). These infrastructure demands cannot be met affordably and in a timely manner through conventional means alone.


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